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Botswana is the world’s largest producer of diamonds and, by carefully managing its diamond reserves, Botswana has managed to become one of the most stable and wealthiest countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The country is also home to the second largest coal deposits on the African continent. Botswana has since constructed a railway line to further enhance coal assets. Coal resources in Botswana are suitable for low-cost opencast mining. The extracted coal resources can support Botswana’s domestic power stations that produce electricity.

MTE is excited to bring a week of expos to some of the most prolific diamond mines in Botswana and hopes to encourage increased growth and interest in Botswana’s biggest industry.

Letlhakane, a village in the central district of Botswana south of Mmatshumo, is within 15 to 20km of four of Botswana’s most profitable diamond mines.

Three of the mines – Letlhakane Mine in the south-east, Orapa in the north-west and Damtshaa in the north – are operated by Debswana, a company jointly-owned by the Botswanan government and De Beers, one of the biggest diamondmining companies in the world.

The fourth mine, Karowe Diamond Mine, located south-west of Letlhakane, is operated by Boteti Mining, which is owned by Canada’s Lucara Diamonds.

Debswana’s Orapa diamond mine in Botswana, the world’s largest by area, will continue mining up to just beyond 2050. Currently the mine is relocating an over 500m spread dump on the south side of the pit to the far western side to give way for Cut 3 core extraction boreholes.

Cut 3 will involve stripping away waste at the bottom of the mine, as well as widening and deepening the pit. The mine is expected to increase its fleet of trucks from the current 23 to 58.


Name of operation  Type of   Owner of  operation Commodity
Orapa Diamond Mine Open Cast Debswana Diamonds
Letlhakane Diamond Mine Opencast Debswana Diamonds
Damtshaa Diamond Mine Opencast Debswana Diamonds
Karowe Diamond Mine Opencast Lucara Diamond Corp Diamonds


Exhibitors we would like to see include companies that supply equipment or products to the diamond mining industry or that supplies equipment or products that can be used in the diamond process. Botswana is one of the world’s biggest diamond producing countries, so if you’re involved in that business, this is the expo for you.