The mining industry is vast and touches the lives of every human being in the world on a daily basis by virtue of what it provides the world to help it to ‘turn’. However, there are tales where the industry touches lives in an extraordinary way, and this is one of them. In a heartwarming story of serendipity and generosity, Sharon du Plessis, the financial manager of Martin Engineering Africa stumbled upon an opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of a young couple, Kgosi Pobe and Boikanyego Mancoe, through the power of education.

Sharon du Plessis, Kgosi Pobe, Boikanyego Mancoe.

Sharon du Plessis, Kgosi Pobe, Boikanyego Mancoe. Supplied by Martin Engineering Africa

The remarkable journey began in 2023 when  found herself at Middelburg Hospital, waiting for a friend who had injured her back during a camping trip. Little did Sharon know that this chance encounter would lead to a life-changing moment for Kgosi and Boikanyego.

“While waiting at the hospital, I struck up a conversation with Kgosi, who was also waiting for someone,” recalls Sharon. “He explained he was browsing university study sites on his phone, and it became clear to me that he was serious about furthering his education.”

As their conversation unfolded, Kgosi shared his aspirations of empowering himself through education to support his fiancée, Boikanyego, in her academic pursuits. Moved by their determination, Sharon reached out to the Martin Engineering BBBEE consultant to explore ways to assist them.

“After learning about Kgosi and Boikanyego’s goals,” says Sharon, “I knew I had to help. With the support of our consultant, Martin Engineering Africa was able to pay off Boikanyego’s student loans for her Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Psychology and Sociology, at the University of the Free State. We also enrolled her in a Health & Safety course at the University of Cape Town. Additionally, the company sponsored Kgosi’s Project Management Foundations short course at The University of Cape Town.

The impact was immediate and profound. Through his Project Management course, Kgosi secured a temporary leadership job with mentorship opportunities for a contractor at Arnot Power Station.

Reflecting on the experience, Kgosi expressed his gratitude, stating, “At first, I couldn’t believe it was real. But when Sharon showed me it was genuine, I was overwhelmed with emotion. It’s been a life-changing opportunity for us.”

The courses, including the repayment of Boikanyego’s student loans, spanned six weeks for her degree and three months for Kgosi’s Project Management programme. Martin Engineering Africa believes in the transformative power of education and the profound impact of extending a helping hand to those in need, embodying our commitment to our vision: “To ignite excellence so that families thrive and communities flourish”.

This is one of those tales that is extra special and that African Mining, incorporating Mining Mirror felt simply must be told. The mining industry has a huge and responsible role to play in our world, and many do not know just how much the industry touches lives for the ‘greater good’. There are surely many more tales to tell, so if your company has one to share, please contact us.

Source: Supplied by Martin Engineering Africa