MTE Exhibition’s Expopedia will prevent you from experiencing sleepless nights wondering where to book your next show.

With MTE Exhibitions back on the road with their travelling mining show, it is not uncommon for suppliers to wonder which show will have the biggest impact. The Expopedia booklet assists exhibitors in making strategic decisions by listing all locations and providing exhibitors with more detailed information of the specific area where the shows are being held. The choice is not whether to book a show with MTE, but where to book a show, and for that, Expopedia and the MTE team are ready to assist and advise.

If you are wondering where your company’s presence will have the highest impact, download Expopedia here or phone one of our consultants at +27 (0)11 579-4940

In a new normal, suppliers and service providers in the mining industry will need all the support they can get. By using Expopedia and booking a stand with MTE Exhibitions, you put yourself and your company at a great advantage, and despite social distancing, face masks and sanitiser, give yourself the opportunity to meet mine management face-to-face, speak to the right people, and make the best decisions.

MTEExpopedia 2021