From automotive manufacturers to aviation and urban mobility concepts, ENGEL Mobility Days from 14-15 June are where the plastic for tomorrow’s mobility is shaped. Under the banner of ‘Driving Future Solutions’ and supported by KTM Technologies, the event takes place at the Design Centre Linz and ENGEL plant St. Valentin in Austria.

The event is organised by ENGEL, a leading global manufacturer of injection moulding machines, robotic systems and automation solutions. It is an initiative that focuses on showcasing ENGEL’s latest technologies and solutions for the automotive and mobility industry.

ENGEL is a leading global manufacturer of injection moulding machines. Image credit: GreenTech

ENGEL is a leading global manufacturer of injection moulding machines. Image credit: GreenTech

The ENGEL Mobility Days bring together experts, engineers, and decision-makers to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions. It offers an opportunity to explore ENGEL’s latest developments in the areas of lightweight construction, electric mobility, autonomous driving, and Industry 4.0.

The event combines the well-established trend.scaut Austria and Lightweight Future Day. Industry leaders from all mobility sectors will present exciting presentations on the mobility of the future, including trends and effects on manufacturers, plastics and their strengths for green mobility, and composites in micro-mobility, automotive, and aviation.

It will include plant tours, expert talks, and machine demonstrations in the new customer technical centre at the large machine plant in St. Valentin in Austria. Leading presentations are by Volvo on its sustainability strategy for plastics and biobased materials and Volkswagen on the circular economy.

GreenTech Plastics Machinery distributes ENGEL in South Africa, with its main market being the automotive industry. ENGEL is a single-source provider of turnkey injection moulding solutions, with a machine for every requirement and preference. With more than 75 years’ expertise and experience, ENGEL has designed machines from 280 kN to 55 000 kN clamping force in hydraulic, fully electric, horizontal, and vertical solutions.

“Energy efficiency, the use of recycled materials, and sustainability are all having a significant impact on plastic injection moulding machinery,” explains JC Jonker, Head of Sales and Projects at GreenTech. Machines are increasingly being designed to minimise waste, reduce energy consumption, and for increased durability. Advanced controls and monitoring systems. This ensures efficient use of resources and paves the way for trends such as the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) to cut costs and reduce energy consumption.

When it comes to injection moulding, GreenTech is the ‘go to’ company for technical expertise and the latest technology, says Marcus Visser, Strategy and Operations Executive. “Whether you are looking for a new line or a complete project, or just want to find out about the latest trends, we can assist you.”