In the world of industrial mining, precision and efficiency are crucial. Karbosan products, distributed exclusively by Bulldog Abrasives since 2004, provide a cutting-edge solution for grinding and finishing tasks. Karbosan’s Resin Fibre Discs have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial mining sector.

Our range of Resin Fibre Discs include:

Aluminium Oxide Resin Fibre Disc:

Karbosan’s Aluminium Oxide Resin Fibre Disc offers efficient stock removal on metals found in mining operations. With a flexible backing and durable resin bonded Alox grain, this disc is ideal for grinding and finishing heavy metals. Compatible with electric and air grinders, it delivers the power needed to tackle tough mining tasks.

Zirconia Resin Fibre Disc:

For stainless steels and heavy metals, Karbosan’s Zirconia Resin Fibre Disc provides unrivalled flexibility and speed. It excels in stock removal, saving valuable time and resources in mining applications. Count on this disc for exceptional cutting power in the harshest mining environments.

Ceramic Resin Fibre Disc:

Karbosan’s Ceramic Resin Fibre Discs combine durability with performance. They excel in stock removal while staying cool under high pressure. The self-sharpening effect ensures consistent finishes, making them ideal for demanding mining tasks.

Karbosan cutting and grinding discs are available in various sizes for diverse applications. Image credit: Karbosan

Karbosan cutting and grinding discs are available in various sizes for diverse applications. Image credit: Karbosan

The company’s products are the epitome of precision and performance in the industrial mining sector. With Bulldog Abrasives as the exclusive distributor, mining professionals can rely on the quality and effectiveness of Karbosan’s products. From the versatile Aluminium Oxide Resin Fibre Disc to the high-powered Zirconia Resin Fibre Disc and long-lasting Ceramic Resin Fibre Disc, Karbosan offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored specifically for the challenges faced in mining operations.

Additionally, Bulldog Abrasives offers an extensive selection of cutting and grinding discs from Karbosan, available in various sizes and applications perfectly tailored to suit a wide range of metals.

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