As South Africa grapples with the complexities of climate change, social/economic considerations and energy security, one of the many questions the 6th edition of the Coal & Energy Transition Day will ask is, “Do we need a more nuanced understanding of coal’s role in a diversified energy mix? How can innovation, technology and international collaboration help address the country’s energy dilemma?” The event will take place at the Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park on Tuesday, 23 July 2024.

Chaired by Bernard Swanepoel, this event promises to bring together leaders from government, industry, coal producers, alternative energy providers, investors, funders and independent experts, who will discuss key issues such as:

  • How is the conversation around the energy transition developing internationally and what are the implications for South Africa?
  • What is the global outlook for coal and its role in the future energy landscape?
  • What will a diversified and sustainable energy portfolio look like?
  • What is the future of coal in southern Africa?
  • How are major coal producers diversifying their portfolios and managing demands to lower carbon emissions?
  • What are the latest developments in renewable energy and its contribution to South Africa’s energy mix?
  • What are investors’ perspectives on how to fund the energy transition?
  • What is Eskom’s perspective on coal and alternative energy sources and the roles they will each play in the future energy mix of South Africa?
  • How are the issues around coal transport and logistics being overcome to increase export capacity?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for junior coal miners in 2024 and beyond?
  • And much more…

More information on the programme and speakers will be available very soon on our website. Click here

Source: Supplied by Resources for Africa