Following a highly successful year of sponsorship at the 2018 Mining & Technical Exhibitions (MTE), Chicago Pneumatic was once again geared up and ready to display its vast generator expertise on 31 January 2019 at the launch of this year’s first MTE at Cullinan in Gauteng.

“Chicago Pneumatic is proud of the tremendous success that we achieved at last year’s MTEs and this year we have sharpened our approach to provide visitors with a deeper insight into our turnkey product and service suite,” states Eben van der Vyver, Chicago Pneumatic business development manager, southern Africa.

He confirms that this year the Chicago Pneumatic MTE team will also include representatives from their various divisions in addition to a few of their distributors similar to last year. “We endeavour to display the diversity and extensive capabilities of the world-class Chicago Pneumatic brand.”

The CPPG5 5.5Kva portable generators that Chicago Pneumatic displays at its MTE exhibits are manufactured with prime quality components. The quality and unique design of these compact generators contribute to the delivery of a constant electrical output that provides customers with stable and efficient operation for the timeous completion of projects. Customers gain large benefits from the utilisation of these rugged generators such as reduced operation costs, increased productivity, power savings, minimised fuel consumption and an extended service life.

In 2018 at the respective MTEs, the company generously gave away 25 petrol-driven generators to as many winners who were selected in a lucky draw at the events. This year will follow the same format with one of these robust generators up for grabs at 17 MTE expos.

Wiltor Faby from Cullinan Diamond Mine was the first lucky winner in 2019 to receive his coveted prize from Van der Vyver, Katlego Ntsie from Chicago Pneumatic Electrical Compressor and Pierre Benadie, a representative from Chicago Pneumatic distributor Super Air.

“In these tough economic times coupled with load shedding, Chicago Pneumatic is delighted to provide the winner with a cost-effective machine that will assist them in maintaining smooth operation despite the challenges,” says Van der Vyver. “Knowing that we are able to make a difference, no matter how small, is extremely rewarding for us.”

The MTE Cullinan expo concluded on a high note with the Chicago Pneumatic stand having attracted a large number of visitors who displayed great interest in getting to know more about the versatile generators as well as the company. According to Van der Vyver, the company was appreciative that both Ntsie and Benadie were able to join them at the event, as together they presented a united and solid team of experts.

The MTE shows have afforded Chicago Pneumatic with the opportunity to travel across South Africa and its borders to impart company, product and service knowledge as well as to identify new potential markets and customers. Van der Vyver points out that this year the MTEs will once again travel to neighbouring countries Botswana and Zambia, and that Chicago Pneumatic is fully prepared to make the most of this platform and engage with attendees to spread awareness of the company’s vast expertise.

“We have had a wonderful start to our 2019 MTE experience and are confident that it will continue to be an enjoyable and productive journey for Chicago Pneumatic.”

Van der Vyver says that the company’s focus is to expand its footprint in southern Africa and to position Chicago Pneumatic as a household name, so that it can bring innovative solutions to its customers’ doorstep.

“We are dedicated to empowering our customers with value-adding solutions that assist them in enhancing their businesses’ productivity and profitability,” he adds.