KSB Pumps and Valves has funded the Nthoroane Clinic in Mpumalanga where the community will be able to access quality services with clean running water and a secure environment.

As part of the pump manufacturer’s corporate social investment (CSI) its management decided to get behind the Nthoroane Clinic and assist with the upgrade of its facilities including the connection of its main water tank to internal facilities, the construction of a new main entrance with boom gates, car ports for 10 vehicles, handrails for the entrance and disabled toilets, as well as paving and painting of toilets and the erection of a new guard house.

According to Gerald Surjoobhalee, KSB Pumps and Valves commercial manager for its service department, and one of the drivers of the project, the company provided both funding and project management for the project. This ensured direct involvement throughout and provided a window into the many milestones along the way. Equally rewarding was the development of local suppliers, contractors and labour who received appropriate training and gained valuable experience through direct exposure to the fundamentals of project management.

Perfect choice

“The project was undertaken after KSB Germany directly supplied four new HDC 6/8N pumps and a further nine REL oil pumps to Eskom. Since KSB was the sole OEM for these products, we were obliged to give something back to the local communities through our CSI efforts. This led to a decision to reinvest a percentage of the order value back into the community of Grootvlei.

“Nthoroane clinic was the perfect choice as access to quality health service is essential for every community and in this region the clinic was in desperate need of some TLC. Once the decision was made, we sprang into action and started work in October last year. By May this year all work had been wrapped up and the community is already enjoying the benefits of their own labour,” says Surjoobhalee.

Surjoobhalee says the company is proud of the achievement as it has brought much needed relief for the community and the smiles and happiness of the community made the whole project worthwhile.

Working together

“The security guards now have proper shelter when they control vehicles and the disabled patients can now use proper safe toilet facilities within the clinic. The dedicated staff now also have safe and secure parking. Inside the clinic, patients now have proper taps with clean water, and a backup generator ensures the lights stay on even if the power goes out. Best of all, the controlled access boom gate ensures staff and patients are safe and secure.

“Having undertaken the project alongside Eskom we have learned that big businesses, like ours, can do a lot to help communities in need. Team efforts such as this one between state owned enterprises and suppliers can help build better business relationship and contribute towards healthy and happier communities in future. I believe this is the right thing to do,” says Surjoobhalee.