BMG has extended its range of Tsubaki chain wear indicators, with the addition of the recently-launched large gauges.

“Tsubaki chain wear indicators enable plant and machinery engineers to accurately measure roller chain condition and to determine critical wear, in a simple operation,” says Carlo Beukes, BMG’s business unit manager, power transmission. “These robust gauges are valuable tools to ensure machinery is maintained in pristine condition and for minimising unexpected chain failures that lead to costly production downtime.

“We recommend that chain wear indictors are used as part of the regular maintenance schedule of a machine or production line. By regularly checking and replacing chains before they reach 1.5% elongation, shock loads are prevented and sprocket wear is significantly hindered.”

BMG’s new Tsubaki BS large size indicators are available in sizes RS20B to RS48B and ANSI large size indicators cover sizes from RS100 to RS 240. These complement the existing BS sets, which are used with sizes RF06B to RS16B and ANSI sets for sizes RS35 to RS80. To meet market demand, the new large size indicators are available as individual items, rather than as part of a set.

These corrosion-resistant gauges – manufactured to stringent quality specifications – have one end shaped to mount over a roller, while the tip of the other end indicates the degree of wear, by highlighting the total elongation over a number of links. Since the chain might wear unevenly, BMG stresses the importance of measuring on several points of the chain.

Correct chain care involves monitoring chain wear, which can cause a loss of tension and therefore reduced transmission efficiency. Chain wear also affects the alignment accuracy of the drive, which increases noise and vibration levels. If wear is allowed to increase to a critical point, the chain will begin riding and jumping on the sprockets, which causes shock loads, which in turn further accelerates wear.

These problems are avoided with the regular use of BMG’s Tsubaki chain wear indicators, which play an important role in maintenance programmes, to ensure optimum efficiency of the overall drive system.

The complete range of Tsubaki power transmission components is available from BMG’s national branch network, which offers a technical advisory and 24-hour back-up service.