Boksputs the target

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ASX-listed Orion Minerals will commence diamond drilling immediately on a high priority target detected by a fixed loop electromagnetic (FLEM) survey on the boundary of Orion’s existing Masiqhame Prospecting Right and a newly granted Boksputs North Prospecting Right in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

The Boksputs prospect, located on the northern boundary of the company’s Masiqhame prospecting right, has recently delivered very encouraging copper-gold intersections on the 600s B4 FLEM conductor, including a best section of 5m at 1.09% copper (Cu) and 0.13g/t gold (Au), including 1.00m at 2.38% Cu and 0.29g/t Au.

Orion’s managing director and CEO, Errol Smart says: “A fixed loop electromagnetic survey (FLEM) 2 500m north, along the trend of our recent Boksputs copper gold drill intersections has detected a conductor with nearly ten times higher conductance than the FLEM target previously drilled.

“We have also received notice of grant of a new prospecting right covering the area north of the new high priority target allowing the FLEM survey to cover the open extension to the north of this very exciting target. Our previous FLEM survey conducted in 2018 detected this anomaly, but the target was modelled to lie outside the survey loop requiring a new survey to provide data over the optimum area to model the target more accurately.”

Errol Smart, CEO of Orion Minerals. Photo By: Orion Minerals

Errol Smart, CEO of Orion Minerals. Photo By: Orion Minerals