The efficient operation of power plants (and other equipment) is highly dependent on the regular cleaning of the boilers. Over time, ash build-up forms slag deposits on the boiler tubes, which act like a layer of insulation resulting in more and more fuel being required to get the boilers up to temperature to produce the same output, and in higher carbon emissions due to the additional fuel usage.

Boiler tube cleaning. image credit: Werner South Africa Pumps & Equipment (Pty) Ltd

Boiler tube cleaning. image credit: Werner South Africa Pumps & Equipment (Pty) Ltd

Werner Pumps supplies trailer-mounted high-pressure cleaning equipment to assist power utilities, their contractors, and other facilities, to keep their boiler tubes in peak working condition.

Sebastian Werner, MD at the local company, says, “Our 1000-bar and 1200-bar, V8 trailer units are ideal for scale and slag build-up cleaning applications. Water pressure jet cleaning is also used for condenser applications often used in underground mines. Because of the high-volume pumps and jets, we can reach the full distance of the boiler tubes.” He cites a recent example in a Hendrina power utility cleaning application where the boiler tubes were over 9m long, with an inside diameter of roughly 23cm. “Our units were able to run for more than 20 hours at a time, for what is known as ‘online cleaning’, which is cleaning while the boiler is in operation.

“Although this is a delicate operation, it means no downtime for the plant. We were also thrilled to hear from the contractor that our 100% locally manufactured equipment was able to run longer and more efficiently than other similar equipment available on the market they had been using.”

These skid-, trolley- or trailer- mounted units can be ordered in an electric version or diesel driven version. A range of specialist nozzles are available to ensure the best solution for each specific application.

The same type of equipment can also be used for cleaning rubber lining from pipelines, while the larger 2800-bar Werner Pumps unit is ideal for paint and rust removal applications.