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PU & Rubber Screen Panels

Woven Wire Screening Media

Perforated Plates

Polyurethane and rubber are two common materials in the manufacturing industry. Aury Africa are suppliers of top-quality vibrating screen panels. We supply a complete range of PU & Rubber panels for the mining and quarry industry. This media offers a very durable solution that comes in multiple panels instead of one large screen panel.

Aury Africa has a full range of aperture sizes and panel thickness with different screen fastening systems.
Polyurethane is recognised as one of the best and most versatile materials for screening surfaces. It is lighter, cost-effective and easy to install and replace. They are installed for fine screening with reduced noise reduction and maintaining impact.

Rubber panels are ideal for heavy duty applications and decreases blinding and pegging and improves wear life – which is why they are also used as a very resistant high impact screen media on the top deck of scalper screens.

Aury Africa offers a wide range of continuous slot panels ranging from (305 x 305) and (610 x 305) slotted panels suitable for vibrating screens which is easy to install and offering increased wear life for enhanced productivity. Aury Africa has various aperture sizes available for specific requirements.

Woven wire screens have been used for screen media for decades. Aury Africa products are used in many different applications by various industries including mining, quarrying and food industries.

All our screens are made to the highest quality specification with a specific type of screen available to suit all your screening requirements. Finally, screening is used to make a final separation to produce saleable products based on grade or size range.

Traditionally, screen cloth was made with metal wires woven with a weaving loom. Today woven cloth is still widely used primarily because they are less expensive than other types of screen media.

Over the years, different weaving techniques have been developed; either to increase the open area percentage or add wear life.

Slotted opening woven cloth is used where product shape is not a priority and where uses need a higher open area percentage.

We at Aury Africa manufacture the following types of weaves:
Plain weave and intermediate crimp weave offering you square apertures and Slotted apertures.

Aury also manufactures and supplies harp and tri harp screens as per consumer requirements, also offering test certification on grade of material used (wire).

Our wire specification has a size range from 0.90mm to 12.50mm with a variation of different apertures.

Aury Africa has expanded its production capacity by adding on more weaving looms; offering compatible pricing and efficient service to interprovince and neighbouring countries with the aim to deliver quality and consumer service.

Woven Wire Screens

  • Square apertures, slotted apertures
    and harp screens available
  • Plain hooks, C-Shape, Metal Edges
    and Weld on
  • Materials – high carbon, SS 304 and SS 316

Perforated and punch plates are steel plates that have been laser cut or punched depending on material. Perforated Plates are commonly used on the top (and sometimes middle) deck applications due to its abrasion resistance it has the ability to withstand the high impact that large rocks create. Perforated Plates are commonly used on scalping screens, after raw materials pass through the primary crusher.

Aury Africa supplies the following industries such as, crushed stones quarries, sand & gravel plants, coal preparation plants, phosphate rock, iron ore mining, copper mines for separating and screening coal, stones, gravels and sand that is made to suit the screening equipment.

Perforated vibrating screens is made of different materials such as:

  • Mild steel: This is the most economical material
  • Manganese steel: Has higher tensile strength and better wear resistance.
  • Stainless Steel: Is the most durable material, which has better resistance to
    the acid alkali and abrasion.

We at Aury Africa offer a variety of apertures either square, round, hexagonal in a staggered or straight pitch with variable material thicknesses.

Aury Africa keep a range of common sizes in stock.

A golden rule for perforated plate is that the aperture size should not be less than the thickness of material to be perforated. It is recommended that the material is at least one gauge smaller than the aperture specified.

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