August was a successful month for Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) when it hosted various exhibitions across different areas with many mining activities take place.

At the beginning of August, the travelling exhibition was in Tete, Mozambique for two exhibitions in the southern African country. MTE was returning to Mozambique following a short break. The exhibition was well received by both exhibitors and visitors.

Prior to the expo, there was a lot off awareness and excitement about the show in Tete. When the day arrived, MTE did not disappoint as the travelling exhibition specialist delivered a high impact exhibition.

MTE’s junior operations manager, Hannes Jacobs, explains that overall, visitors found the Tete show very beneficial. There were visitors from Vale and Jindel Africa with both being impressed by the show. “Vale actually opened the show for us,” Jacobs explains, referring to Yara Agostinho – the procurement superintendent at Vale’s Moatize coal mine – who gave a short intro to welcome everybody to the Tete expo.

Watch Agostinho’s opening speech:

The show was well supported by mining giant Vale, who even flew in some visitors from Maputo to attend the show in Tete. Jindel Africa, was another mining company who showed immense support for the Tete expo. Their visitors drove all the way to Tete from Maputo to be at the show. Jacobs adds that MTE received a lot of positive feedback which will be used to improve the next Tete expo.

After Tete, MTE hosted two local expos in Mooinooi and Steelpoort. The two shows were equally successful, attracting close to 600 visitors. Steelpoort exceeded expectations and turned out to be a big show and had 86 exhibitors. The feedback from both visitors and exhibitors was also very positive.

In total, MTE hosted close to 800 visitors during the Tete, Mooinooi and Steelpoort exhibitions. The travelling exhibition is gearing up for the Zambia tour, which is also the final cross-border exhibition for 2019.