Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) has wrapped up for the year on a high! This year seemed like a sequel to the horror we saw roll out before our eyes in 2020, but there was a stark difference – we were all a little more prepared for the plot to unfold, and we were able to add to the script this time round.

With the support of all industry stakeholders – visitors and exhibitors alike – the MTE team, following strict Covid-19 protocol, pulled off a total of 12 successful shows in the latter half of 2021. The year culminated in two pinnacle expos being Barberton Mining & Industrial Exhibition and the Sappi Ngodwana Paper & Pulp Exhibition, on 7 and 9 December 2021, respectively.

Both shows, though smaller in size, were customarily intimate and impactful. The Barberton Mining & Industrial Exhibition was held at Hoërskool Barberton. Customised to ‘talk to’ the specific gold mining requirements in the area, 24 exhibitors supplied solutions to 55 visitors, including a CEO, engineering managers, general managers, and group technical managers of the operations in the area. While, just two days later, MTE showed off its flexibility in catering to the paper and pulp industry with a show made up of 25 carefully sourced suppliers exhibiting at the Sappi Ngodwana Paper & Pulp Exhibition to 105 visitors, which  included designations such as head of maintenance, manager of planning and maintenance, production managers and master technicians.

Sappi Ngodwana 2021. Photo credit: ©MTE

Sappi Ngodwana 2021. Photo credit: ©MTE

The Mining and Technical Exhibition (MTE) team would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued visitors, exhibitors, advertisers, partners, and industry associations for their continued support in bringing innovative solutions to the mining, construction, paper and pulp and power industries at large.

But before we bid adieu to a year of challenges, we would like to share with you, our valued exhibitors, the reason we continue to push through the barriers we have experienced over the past while, highlighted in a testimonial from one of our esteemed visitors to the shows:

Herbert van Rensburg, general manager at Lomoteng Mine in the Northern Cape, had this to say after attending the MTE annual expo in Kathu held in September 2021, “The service providers that MTE sourced to participate in this year’s expo were of exceptional stature, and the items that they were marketing have really assisted us as an end user of their products to quickly and easily contact the right person to find a cost-effective solution to our constraints in the mining environment.”

He welcomed MTE’s Expos as a source of supply to mines that lends a stark contrast to the reality in the industry where, as van Rensburg explains, ‘fly-by-night’ suppliers are a common problem, in that middlemen often pose as the source of supply and not only over-charge, but fail to deliver seamless, quality solutions on time. “Holding these expos certainly broadens our horizons, so to speak, and enables us to get in touch with suppliers who can quickly assist us with our problems,” said van Rensburg.

Barberton 2021. Photo Credit: ©MTE

Barberton 2021. Photo Credit: ©MTE

We could not have done it without you, our loyal exhibitors, who continue to deliver quality solutions and service to the industries we serve, and of course, the operations we serve who offer us safe and reliable venues to strategically bring stakeholders together to solve the industry challenges. For this, we would like to thank you all!

We wish you all a safe, healthy and happy festive season, and we look forward to seeing you at the shows in 2022 – which promise to be unusually dynamic, as we all strive for a better year to come!

Ending off on a positive note, we would like to draw your attention to our 2022 Calendar, which promises to “take you where 2021 couldn’t!”