While MTE’s regular suppliers will no doubt be familiar with our extremely effective formula for high-impact expos, new or prospective suppliers may be wondering how exactly these shows are put together and what they can expect once they have signed up to be part of one of these events.

In the second part of this series we will be taking a look at some of the behind-the-scenes processes which are an essential part of making MTE expos so successful. The secret is very simple: a personal touch goes a long way and with MTE the team ensures that the needs of each exhibitor are met, making their shows both hassle-free and valuable for networking.

Research and marketing

As discussed in the previous article in this series, a vast amount of research and preparation is necessary for each and every MTE exhibition and operations director Andrew Macnamara travels far and wide to meet with operations management prior to the shows. This is important for several reasons: 1) it allows MTE to confirm buy-in from the mines well in advance; 2) it builds a stronger relationship with the operations by meeting in person; and 3) it gives the operations a chance to provide feedback on the types of solutions they need to keep things running smoothly. In addition, some operations may have additional requests and/or restrictions.

With this information in hand, Macnamara is then able to pass the requirements on to MTE’s Sales staff, who will then perform additional research on any relevant companies and/or mining operations in the area to gather as much data as possible. Once buy-in has been confirmed and the majority of suppliers have signed up, it is time to commence with extensive marketing to put as many quality ‘feet on the ground’ as possible on the day. MTE’s exhibitions co-ordinator will then liaise with the general managers of each operation in the surrounding area in order to obtain a list of staff members who consent to receiving communication from MTE regarding the show. This is not a simple process but it is an essential one as once again it builds up a relationship between MTE and the clients. These relationships often last many years, creating a sense of familiarity and trust.

The MTE ops team helps to bring each show together. Image credit: © Mining and Technical Exhibitions

The MTE ops team helps to bring each show together. Image credit: © Mining and Technical Exhibitions

Once the list of contacts has been attained, the exhibitions co-ordinator will travel to the operations to hand-deliver personalised invitations to the show, again demonstrating MTE’s focus on the value of a personal touch. Where this is not possible, MTE will instead email these personalised invitations to each person on the list as well as make courtesy calls to promote the show and increase interest. MTE’s marketing and communications assistant will contact the potential visitors to ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date. They will also organise promotions in the form of radio and newspaper advertising before the show to generate further interest. In addition, they will liaise with the secretaries of the operations to attract more visitors using email blasts as well as adverts using the TV screens which some operations use to disseminate information to their staff. Beyond this, they will also travel to the heart of each area to distribute flyers and put up posters. Moreover, they will utilise the full power of social media to put even more feet on the ground for the event, such as WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn and Facebook. This social media boosting is area specific and also aimed at particular designations which operations would like to see visit the show.

The preparation doesn’t end there – MTE’s ops team will also contact the venue beforehand to see if all is in readiness for the big day. At times, it may even be necessary to find a new venue or take special considerations into account and this is an area where MTE really shines, with a tendency to solve any such obstacles quickly and efficiently. Once the venue is ready, MTE will also contact each confirmed exhibitor to find out if they have any special requirements, thus tailoring each expo according to the needs of all involved.

Bringing it all together

MTE’s team is always on-site early to anticipate and solve any potential hiccups on the day so that all will be ready by the time the show opens. The team will also ensure that things run smoothly during the show and that afterwards the process of packing away everything happens safely and correctly. After each show, the MTE team will compile a list of visitors who attended each show as well as their designations in order to distribute this information to the exhibitors so they have an idea of the quality of visitors who came through to see their innovative products.

It is this attention to detail and personal touch which makes MTE’s shows so effective as a way of bringing buyers and suppliers together for the benefit of both.

Intrigued? For more information about upcoming shows and how to get registered, contact one of our dedicated salespeople: 

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