The competitive circuit breaker industry sees the local launch of a high-quality product from a leading European OEM as ABB Electrification introduces its new range of 3 kA SR200T Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs).

Ettienne Delport, product marketing director at ABB. Photo by ABB

Ettienne Delport, product marketing director at ABB. Photo by ABB

The range is aimed at the light commercial and residential markets, both identified by the government as key areas in terms of infrastructure development, according to product marketing director Ettienne Delport. There is already keen interest in ABB Electrification’s entry into these market sectors, due to the perceived need for a quality European brand.

“These segments have been largely dominated by low-cost products to date imported from countries such as India and China,” adds Delport. The end customers for the new range will be contractors, property developers and architects, among others, who will be supplied by ABB Electrification’s well-established distributor network of channel partners.

“While this is by no means a new product, it will definitely give ABB Electrification a foot in the door to be able to offer complete solutions to customers,” highlights Delport. “It is a high-volume product that is incredibly price-sensitive, but it opens up a whole new market for us in that we can offer additional products required by contractors.”

Not only is this a high-quality range from a reputable international OEM, but end-users will also have peace of mind that the products comply with all relevant local standards. Circuit breakers of 10 kA and below must be certified in terms of the SANS 10142-1 for the Wiring of Premises, Part 1: Low Voltage Installations, as well as having a Letter of Authority (LOA) to VC8036 and Regulatory Certificate of Compliance (RCC) to VC8035 in terms of earth leakages.

“Our products comply with all of the mandatory standards of the South African market. They have been thoroughly tested and third-party approved, with the LOA and RCC number appearing in our catalogue to assist contractors in terms of CoC certification,” notes Delport. “We aim to make life as simple as possible for contractors by offering such a quality European brand.”

The ABB 3 kA SR200T MCBs can be combined with FGH201 earth leakage devices, timers and Mistral 41F distribution boards from the System pro M compact range. This provides protection and control against overload and short circuit conditions, catering for both resistive and inductive loads with low inrush current. They are available in single-, double-, triple- and four-pole configurations. With a rating selection starting as low as 1 A, and increasing to 63 A, providing protection for the circuit you are installing could not be more convenient. ABB’s first-class quality DIN rail 3 kA MCBs guarantee safe and reliable electrical protection.

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