AZIZE Equipment makes its mark on African soil having secured the sole rights to supply, service and support the full line of world-class quality Sunward drill rigs and excavators to South Africa and surrounding countries. 

Listed on the Shenzen stock exchange and a top 50 global construction equipment manufacturer that produces over 11 000 excavators and drilling rigs per annum, Sunward Equipment Group is positioned as a highly reputable and experienced partner for AZIZE. The Sunward offering was unveiled during a prestigious launch in Carolina, Mpumalanga, on 07 and 08 June 2019, laying a solid foundation in Southern Africa’s surface drilling industry.

“We are extremely excited about the birth of a 100% black owned AZIZE, a Level 1 company, and our partnership with the globally renowned Sunward Equipment Group,” says Pascal Mbambo, managing director of AZIZE Equipment. “The name AZIZE is of Afro-Asiatic origin meaning powerful and valuable which is a perfect representation of our company, products and services as well as how we perceive our customers.”

Mbambo is supported by a team of experts including company director Basie Roelofse who brings a wealth of engineering and drilling expertise to the AZIZE table. This formidable AZIZE team boasts a strong operational background and a deep knowledge of the surface drilling sector, and is capable of meeting the challenges faced by this complex industry. On the one hand, the high capital expenditure and associated maintenance and service cost structures make the procurement of a new drill rig virtually impossible for smaller businesses. But owning the right equipment is only the first step. The drilling and blasting business is centred on metres drilled and tonnes or cubic meters moved which directly correlate to efficiency, uptime and availability.

“These critical factors are essential for operational sustainability and profitability, underpinned by the fundamentally important aspect of safety in this notoriously challenging environment,” notes Roelofse. “Our hands-on experience with a variety of drilling rigs has given us a unique insight into the key success elements enabling us to equip customers with the right tools to manage their drilling operations.” As a single source supplier, AZIZE delivers high quality drilling machines supported by skilled technicians, and exceptional service, to the customer’s doorstep.

Sunward is a well-tested and globally respected brand and is certainly not new to the African continent. Outside of South Africa, numerous Sunward machines operate in Namibia, Zimbabwe and the DRC. “Having owned, operated and maintained various different brands of drilling rigs including Sunward machines and having drilled in all typical geologies, we were highly impressed by Sunward’s holistic capabilities,” says Roelofse.

While Sunward machines feature all the best-in-class components necessary to get the job done and compete head to head with other brands, they are significantly less complex than many other options in the market. This straight-forward no-frills package signifies ruggedness, reliability, simple and easy operation and serviceability for improved uptime and enhanced profitability at the lowest total cost of ownership. Through these perfect fit-for-Africa machines, AZIZE has the potential to further grow the Sunward footprint across the continent.

AZIZE is targeting surface drilling companies engaged primarily in blast hole drilling in all geological formations across the mining, quarry and construction industries. Aligning to these sectors, the Sunward range is ideally suited to mine owners, drilling contractors, and drilling and blast contractors who are looking for modern, safe, efficient and reliable surface drilling rigs that positively impact their bottom line.

The company offers three distinct Sunward surface drilling machines; two crawler-type Top hammer models (from 64mm up to 115mm dia. with hole depths up to 25m) and a range of DTH (Down The Hole) drilling rigs (from 90mm up to 255mm dia. with hole depths up to 36m). Rounding off the product portfolio is the Sunward excavator range with 105mm to 165mm dia. and up to 36m hole depths.

Image credit: AZIZE Equipment