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Mozambique is an affluent country in terms of the variety of minerals it produces, which include coal, gold and graphite among others. In addition, the country is also home to natural gas.

In the past this southern African country has played a significant role in the world’s production of aluminium, beryllium and tantalum. Vast coal reserves are set to put Mozambique on the map as a country that is experiencing positive development globally.

MTE is excited to return to Mozambique for a high-impact coal exhibition. For two consecutive days, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with exhibitors and obtain information on the latest products and services appropriate to coal mining.

In Mozambique coal mining is the fastest growing industrial segment, according to business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Significant reserves of coking coal have been discovered in Tete province and the Zambezi area, which have attracted a number of prominent mining companies.

Mining giant Vale has developed the Moatize coal mine in the area and has produced coal since July 2011. In addition, the company has invested in developing two railroad projects – the Sena railroad project and the Nacala corridor project – to transport coal from Moatize mine to the seaport for exports.

The 575-kilometre long Sena railroad project is already in operation and connects the Moatize mine to the port of Beira in southern Mozambique. It has a transport capacity of six million tons of coal a year. The Nacala corridor project, which is currently under development, will connect the Moatize mine to the port of Nacala. The 912-kilometre long corridor is expected to have a transport capacity of 18 million tons of coal a year

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Exhibitors we would like to include at the expo are suppliers working on plant engineering, screens, pumps, energy efficiency and body scanning devices. If your business relationships are linked with Moatize coal mine, Vale head office or any local industry in Tete, your presence is crucial at the expo.