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MTE with Sappi Ngodwana travelling exhibition return to Ngodwana in Mpumalanga.

Ngodwana Mill has been operating for more than 50 years and produces paper grade pulp for its own and market consumption and newsprint, containerboard and dissolving wood pulp. The mill produces 330 000 tons of paper pulp for its own consumption, 210 000 tons of dissolving wood pulp and 380 000 tons of paper (newsprint and kraft linerboard used for packaging) a year. The majority of the mill’s products are exported.

With more than 1 000 employees and 700 contractors, Ngodwana Mill has undergone numerous significant expansions including the addition of two paper machines, a coal-fired power boiler and a dissolving wood pulp plant.

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Name of operation: Ngodwana Mill
Type of operation: Paper and pulp mill
Owner of operation: Sappi

Sappi Ngodwana

Local industry

MTE cannot ignore the broad and diverse range of industries in this area. As such, we encourage businesses outside of the scope of mining to join in the exhibition. These include businesses involved in the industry of sugar, harbour, paper and pulp. As our previous exhibition illustrates, Richards Bay is an ideal area to incorporate all industries.

Exhibitors we would like to see include companies that supply equipment or products to the paper and pulp industry.